2.2. Product Design Development

Taking a projector as the model product to be developed. This product will undergoes the product design development phases as to come out with a new innovation of a projector. More reliable, flexible and creative in design.

Here is a diagram that summed up the process of product design development.

Phase 0: Planning

The planning should be done before the approval of the product, discussion need to be done among team members to plan, it is usually done in two steps, 1st is a quick investigation and scoping of the project to determine the possible markets and wheters the product is in align with the corporate strategic plan.

Phase I: Concept Development

Here we will considered the differents ways the product and each subsystem can be design. The development team takes what is known about the potential customer collected info from Phase 0, adds its own knowledge and fashions this into a carefeul crafted product design specification. This will determined the needs and wants of the customer.

Phase II: System Level Design

Here, the functions of the product are examined, leading to the division of the product into various subsystems. The form and feature of the product will start to take shapes, for this reason it is called the embodiment design. Selection are made for materials and manufacturing processes. At this stage the marketing is more likely to have enough informations to set a price target for the projector designed.

Phase III: Detail Design

The projector design is then brought to the state of a complete engineering description of a tested and producible product. Missing information is added on the arrangement, form, deminsion, tolerances, surface properties, materials, and manufacturing of each part in the product. Here, that result to specification of our projector for each it special purpose part that is to be manufactured.

Phase IV: Testing and Refinement

The designed projector prototype is then tested, marketing peoplework on developing promotional materials for the product launch using the intended production system. By the end of this pahse a major review is carried out to determined whether the work has been done in quality way and whether the developed projector is consistent with the original intent.

Phase V: Production Ramp Up

After going through with all the phases, in final phase of Production ramp-up, manufacturing operation begin to make and assemble the product using the intended production system. Early products produced during this phase are supplied to selected customers and studied carefully to find any defects.

to summed up the whole flow of the work in producing this product:-


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