The Use of Old Newspaper

Old newspapers can take a lot of space. You can take them to the recycler or you can use them for many other purposes. After you read a newspaper they can be used for many useful things.

You can use a newspaper for building a fire in the fireplace or wood stove. A newspaper works great to catch the flames and make them spread.

When you have tomatoes that are not ripe enough for your taste you can wrap the tomatoes in old newspaper and let them sit at room temperature. Wrap the tomatoes individually for best results and let them sit until they are the desired ripeness. This is great if you can tomatoes and you need to make some of the tomatoes riper.

Newspaper can make great wrapping paper. A child’s present looks good wrapped up in a sheet of old comics make sure you put the child’s favorite comic strip at the top. A wedding shower gift can be wrapped up in a sheet of newspaper from the wedding announcement section especially if the special person’s announcement is in that section.

Newspapers can make drawer liners. You can line your drawers with old newspapers. Just cut the newspaper to fit the bottom of the drawer and place the newspaper in the bottom of the drawer.

Newspaper works great to wash windows. You can use a commercial window wash and use some crumpled newspaper as you would a towel when you are washing windows. Or you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to wash the windows with.

Newspaper is great to pack away precious items. It is especially helpful when you are moving. You can wrap all your dishes and glasses in newspaper and put them into boxes for moving to a new place.

Shoes can be dried with newspaper. Just take a piece of crumpled newspaper and put it into wet shoes. Let the newspaper sit in the shoes overnight to dry the shoes out as you sleep.

Newspaper will give a cool stuff if you love crafting with newspaper because it is so readily available, cheap, and completely biodegradable. Here are 10 inspiring projects made with newspaper from our site and around the web.


No need to buy special pots when you have newspapers in the house. Take a look at how easy it is to use newspaper and a bit of dirt to get started. Once you’re plants are ready to put in to the ground, you can pop the whole thing  newspaper pots included right into your garden bed.


Use newspaper to make a basket. If you are working in a newsroom, you probably have stacks of paper cluttering your workspace. A creative way to mask your mess? A newspaper basket! Basically, what you need to do is cut up an issue of  your local newspaper of choice  into strips and weave the pieces together, then glue some ribbon to the edges.


You can make coasters from newspaper.


Aren’t these party hats fantastic.


Make your own gift bags with newspaper. Everyone knows you can wrap a gift box with newspaper, but for those of you who want to go the extra mile, newspaper gift bags are an adorable and fun  little treat, especially when the gift is coming from a journalist. Said bags would be ideal for newsroom gift exchanges, the birthday of a journalist, or even as a desk decoration.


Make some swords for pretend play fun.


newspaper play structures.

The newspaper wrap and bow make an attractive gift wrapping that anyone would be pleased to receive.

Here are the video of newspaper recycling idea.


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